Mosquito Control

The world over any place facing a mosquito problem is constantly researching into ways and means of curtailing the menace. It is a difficult task, as it is almost next to impossible to drive these insects out of existence. Their breeding patterns create them in millions each year. Certain Governments have taken this issue seriously and have set-up separate units dealing with mosquito control. Even pharmaceutical companies that are in the business of manufacturing repellants have a research and development team well in place.


The biggest problem that scientists face is the immunity factor. Mosquitos tend to get immune to the repellants, causing a need to research for more effective chemicals and a ways and means. This does not happen ever so often, but it does pose a major challenge.


Generally speaking mosquito control programs are designed at two levels, being for larger areas, and the smaller units. However, no matter what the magnitude every mosquito control program aims at eradicating the menace from the source and minimizing the number of pests if not completely eradicating them. In order to be able to achieve this target those involved attempt to bring about changes that will completely dissuade the mosquitos from flying into the region.


The mosquito control program also attempts at finding natural means of reducing the menace. This includes horticulture and animal or insect breeding; i.e., harmful species that feed on mosquitos or repel them completely. The local governing bodies keep aside a large amount of revenue to control the menace, as the biggest fear in a mosquito breeding ground is the spread of ailments such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever, elephantiasis and human encephalitis.


Even mosquito control within individual households is social concern. This is why the programs are not just restricted to location-wise control, but also looking into and rectifying individual living methods.


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